BRIMS 2013

Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Conference on Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation

BRIMS 2013 was held in July 2013 at Carlton University, Ottawa, Canada.

Conference Chair: Daniel Cassenti (U.S. Army Research Laboratory)
Program Chairs: William G. Kennedy (George Mason University),
David Reitter (Penn State), and
Robert St.Amant (North Carolina State University)
Acting Chair: David Reitter (Penn State)

The conference was co-located with the International Conference on Cognitive Modeling.

These proceedings are available in a single file.


Jerome Busemeyer, Indiana University, and Zheng Wang:
Quantum models of cognition and decision


Chris Eliasmith
Jerome Busemeyer
Michael Jones

Technical Program

Amanjot Kaur, Varun Dutt, & Coty Gonzalez:
Modelling the Security Analyst's Role: Effects of Similarity and Past Experience on Cyber Attack Detection

Noam Ben-Asher, Varun Dutt, & Coty Gonzalez:
Accounting for the integration of descriptive and experiential information in a repeated prisoner's dilemma using an instance-based learning model

Holger Schultheis & Ankit Singhaniya:
Decision Criteria for Model Comparison Using Cross-Fitting

John O'Donovan, Rashaad Jones, Laura Marusich, Yun Teng, Coty Gonzalez, & Tobias Hollerer:
A Model-based Evaluation of Trust and Situation Awareness in the Diner's Dilemma Game

Dustin Arendt:
A concise model for innovation diffusion combining curvature-based opinion dynamics and zealotry

Kevin Chan, Jin-Hee Cho, & Sibel Adali:
A Trust-Based Framework for Information Sharing Behavior in Command and Control Environments

Jerry Ball:
Advantages of ACT-R over Prolog for Natural Language Analysis

Robert Abbott:
The Relational Blackboard

Daniel Cassenti, Troy Kelley, & Richard Carlson:
Differences in Performance with Changing Mental Workload as the Basis for an IMPRINT Plug-in Proposal

Jaehyon Paik, Peter Pirolli, & Wei Dong:
An ACT-R Model of Sensemaking in a Geospatial Intelligence Task

Debbie Patton, Patrick Loukota, & Eric Avery:
Using the Immersive Cognitive Readiness Simulator to Validate the ThreatFireTM Belt as an Operational Stressor: A Pilot Study

Bertram Wortelen, Andreas Ladtke, Martin Baumann:
Integrated Simulation of Attention Distribution and Driving Behavior

Eli Stickgold, Sam Mahoney, Jonathan Pfautz, Joseph Campolongo, Erik Thomsen:
Modeling trust in multi-agent systems

Emmett Tomai, Rosendo Salazar, Roberto Flores:
Simulating aggregate player behavior with learning behavior trees

Frank Ritter, Kuo-Chuan (Martin) Yeh, Mark Cohen, Peter Weyhrauch, Jong Kim, J. Nicholas Hobbs:
Declarative to procedural tutors: A family of cognitive architecture-based tutors

Wouter Lotens and Brad Cain:
Architectural considerations for modeling cognitive-emotional decision making

Eli Stickgold, Corey Lofdahl, Michael Farry:
Trust definitions and metrics for social media analysis

Arash Khatami, Pieter Huibers, & Jan Joris Roessingh:
Architecture for goal-driven behavior of virtual opponents in fighter pilot combat training

Vladislav Veksler:
Examining Model Scalability through Virtual World Simulations