BRiMS 2015

24th Conference on Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation (BRiMS)

BRiMS was co-located with the International Social Computing, Behavioral Modeling and Prediction (SBP) Conference at the University of California in Washington, DC, USA from March 31, 2015 to April 3, 2015.

BRIMS Conference Committee 2015

Conference Co-Chairs

Daniel N. Cassenti, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
William G. Kennedy, George Mason University

Program Committee Chairs

David Reitter, The Pennsylvania State University
E. Webb Stacy, Aptima, Inc.
Elizabeth Mezzacappa, Army, Target Behavioral Response Laboratory


Introduction to Dynamic Network Analysis
Geoffrey Morgan, William Frankenstein and Kathleen Carley


Understanding, Representing & Enhancing Intuitive Decision Making: From Individuals to Societies
Joseph Cohn, PhD, Deputy Director, Human Performance Training and BioSystems, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Research & Engineering)


A Process for Developing Accurate Kinesic Cues in Virtual Environments
Stephanie J. Lackey, Karla A. Badillo-Urquiola, Eric C. Ortiz, & Irwin L. Hudson

Cognitive Leadership Framework using Instance-based Learning
Noam Ben-Asher, Jin-Hee Cho, & Sibel Adalı

Malware Identification Using Cognitively-Inspired Inference
Robert Thomson, Christian Lebiere, Stefano Bennati, Paulo Shakarian, & Eric Nune

Extending Generative Models of Large Scale Networks
Eli Stickgold, Bruce Skarin, Ian Stewart, & Corey Lofdahl

How Could Cyber Analysts Learn Faster and Make Better Decisions?
Fangting Wu & Cleotilde Gonzalez

Semantic Labeling of Objects in a Simulated Environment
Ralph W. Brewer, MaryAnne Fields, Arne J. Suppé, & Dave Wagner

Agents and Decision Trees from Microdata
John B. Nelson, William G. Kennedy, & Ariel M. Greenberg

Long-Term Dementia Care: Modeling the Decision Process
Emily S. Iharaa, William G. Kennedy, Catherine J. Tompkins, & Michael E. Wolf-Branigin

An Emotion and Temperament Model for Cognitive Mobile Robots
Lyle N. Long, Troy D. Kelley, & Eric S. Avery

Predicting Trust Dynamics and Transfer of Learning in Games of Strategic Interaction as a Function of a Player’s Strategy and Level of Trustworthiness
Michael Collins, Ion Juvina, Gary Douglas, & Kevin Gluck

Crowd Social Network Metrics and Measures for Non-lethal Weapon Effectiveness Testing Elizabeth Mezzacappa, Gordon Cooke, Kenneth Short, Charles Sheridan, Gladstone Reid, Kevin Tevis, Robert DeMarco, Nasir Jaffery, & John Riedener

Group-Based Transactive Memory to implement Computationally-Plausible Social Cognition in Agents
Geoffrey P. Morgan, Kenneth Joseph, & Kathleen M. Carley

Role of Information Asymmetry in a Public Goods Game for Climate Change
Medha Kumar, Rohit Chouhan, & Varun Dutt

Cognitive and Probabilistic Models of Group Decision Making
Yuqing Tang, Christian Lebiere, Katia Sycara, Don Morrison, & Paul Smart

Individual Differences in Information Processing in Networked Decision Making
David Hughes, Jin-Hee Cho, Sibel Adali, & Jennifer A. Mangels

Introduction to Dynamic Network Analysis
Geoffrey P. Morgan, William Frankenstein, & Kathleen M. Carley

BRiMS Society

Treasurer: Tiffany S. Jastrzembski, Air Force Research Laboratory

Web Manager: Tracy Sanders, University of Central Florida

Executive Committee

Brad Best, Adaptive Cognitive Systems
Brad Cain, Defence Research and Development Canada
Bruno Emond, National Research Council Canada
Coty Gonzalez, Carnegie Mellon University
Brian Gore, NASA
Kristen Greene, National Institute of Standards and Technology Jeff Hansberger, Army Research Laboratory
Tiffany Jastrzembski, Air Force Research Laboratory Randolph M. Jones, SoarTech
Troy Kelley, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Kenneth Kwok, DSO National Laboratories, Singapore Christian Lebiere, Carnegie Mellon University
Bharat Patel, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, UK Michael Qin, Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory Frank E. Ritter, The Pennsylvania State University
Tracy Sanders, University of Central Florida
Venkat Sastry, University of Cranfield
Barry Silverman, University of Pennsylvania
David Stracuzzi, Sandia National Laboratories
Walter Warwick, Alion Science and Technology
Robert E. Wray, SoarTech